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Who the heck is Daniel, anyway?

Name: Daniel Gould

Location: Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales, of United Kingdom fame.

Age: 26 years old

Oo are ya?: A fan of martial arts, movies, xbox, and books. Currently attempt to wrest back control of my life from the heinous clutches of anxiety and other forms of fear and generally ungoodness.

Plan: Sort out diet, get in shape, get fit (yes, they’re different,) get awesome at martial arts, conquer universe.

Heroes and influences:

Jackie Chan for his dedication and sheer brass.. guts. For persevering in the face of injury, for learning from his mistakes, for his infinite creativity and problem solving.

Charles Bronson, the UK prisoner, for his passion and attitude of taking no crap from anyone regardless of the odds. A man so passionate he broke the law to live life how he wanted to, and now spends his free time raising money for children’s charities. This is a man who has turned his life around and serves the greater good better than most of us.

Mum, for never giving up, even to her detriment, to give her family a comfortable life, for fighting for us when we were in no shape to fight for ourselves, and for always loving us, even when she’s being a complete beeyatch.

Dad, for being the closest thing to Kwai Chang Caine I’m ever likely to know. For inspiring me to be more than I am. For teaching me about forgiveness, self discipline, and courage in the face of death, which he accepted with a quiet but resolute dignity, right up to the end. Much love old man, you are missed.

James, my friend and teacher, who shows me how much you can achieve when you follow the path unwaveringly, and how simple life can be when you have the discipline to (incoming Star Trek reference!) make it so!

Rosie, for holding down a job, training martial arts, pursuing a singing career, generally duking it out with life at every turn, and still managing to be pretty, a good friend, and give the best hugs.

Dave, who showed up to karate within weeks of having surgery, for sucking at karate but doing it anyway, even when he couldn’t kick, could barely stand, and only move slowly. For showing me that it isn’t about ability, but about the spirit, and the will to keep it going. You’ve helped me more than you know, mate.

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