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When a plan comes together

March 23, 2014

Alrighty, I got a plan together, and I think I’ve realised why I’ve not done so well so far.

I write a to-do list most days. It always starts with “wake up, take insulin.” So from the start I can cross off a couple of things and it sets me on a good note. But I used to occasionally set times to things. One list I’ve had on my whiteboard since August 1st (lol) also notes my bedtime (2am) and wake up time (8am), with “all screens” off by midnight. All I can say to that now is “lol.” Totally unreasonable.

The plan now has no times, except to turn the PC off by 11pm. Whether I’ve woken up at 5pm or 6am, the PC is off by 11pm, and how I spend the rest of my awake time is up to me.

I wrote up things I want to start doing every day – some push ups, some squats, brush my teeth, do tai chi, take the dog for a walk, watch a DVD (I’m trying to get rid of as many as possible and there are lots I’ve not even watched yet), listen to one side of an old casette tape (I recorded some stories when I Was a teen, and stuff like that), and watch one VHS tape a day so I can get rid of them.

Before that I wrote up my morning routine. Wake up, take meds, inject insulin, stretch, brush teeth, take dog out. One or two other things. That’s all. No times, just stuff I know is good for me.

After the daily to-do list, I then have evening routine. Stretches, meditate for a few minutes, read some, take dog out again, a few more squats and stuff to help relax me. And that’s it.

My hope is, given my unemployment and mental health, if I fill the day with stuff, I can get some kind of routine going to fill my time with so life will be more stable and consistant. Being less dogmatic regarding times than the old list, this one should be easier to get done and I’ll feel less undisciplined if I don’t go to bed by the time I specified (though I’ll still be aiming for a more healthy sleeping pattern, maybe 1am – 8.30am, that’d be nice) as long as I get the stuff done.

Which is good, coz it’s 3.20am now and I can’t get to sleep. Well, it starts today, then. Here goes nothing.


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