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All I want for Christmas is you

December 24, 2013

I type that title with a sigh, not least because I loathe the song it’s taken from, but that is, alas, the chosen theme for most of my titles.

No, I dislike Christmas (see my entry Why I Hate Holidays if you’re curious), and I really, really dislike the songs. But I’ve had an emotional year, and I wanted to get this out there before it’s over so I can start fresh and manly and not necessarily shaved.

It’s not my style to get trousery, but there are people I want to show my appreciation for and to. I’ve had many low points this past year, and I’ve lost a fair number of good friends as a result of my mood. Others I lost due to their own moods and behaviour, which for my protection, couldn’t be avoided. Basically I’m realising I’m not the amazing bloke to have around that I used to .. well I at least used to think I wasn’t that hard to be around, but apparently I’m not that easy to be around, so.. I just wanted to say thanks to my friends for sticking around and putting up with my moods and stuff. Alex, Desere, Sian, Susan (“The Trustees” as I collectively think of them) and especially Chris. You folks have been amazeballs of the totes variety. So just thanks for being awesome and giving a crap about me and stuff.

Not so wordy this one. Not much else really to say. Just wanted to show a little appreciation. Cheers, everyone.


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