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Of Spoons and Marbles

May 24, 2013

A very dear friend of mine just introduced me to two posts that are simple but utterly, utterly profound. I lost one of my best friends this week because I couldn’t explain to him why I’m not working through my problems like he can. It’s a sore subject, one that my ex and I argued about often. So I’m posting these two things here and I sincerely hope they go viral, because they’re eloquent, simple, and perfect in expressing what it’s like.

Please read them, and please share them.

It’ll only take you a few minutes, they’re quite short, but they’ll help give you an image to explain to people why you struggle, and help them understand. It may even help you understand if you’ve only recently been diagnosed with depression.


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  1. Thank you for sharing – I particularly like the story of spoons and have reposted the link on my own blog – I often struggle to find ways of getting the people around me to understand my reality – I will perhaps use this method myself in future. Thanks to the author Christine and thanks again to you.


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