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Earn Your Sweat

January 22, 2013

This is a mantra of mine at the gym. When I exercise, because I’m not very fit, I know I’m going to sweat. So I figure, I might as well earn it, sweat for a reason. A lot of people go to the gym and spend half hour on the treadmill. I once went in and spent a whole hour on the cross trainer (a fantastic exercise in internal dialogue control and positive self talk, which I’ll post about another time.)

Tonight I was feeling lazy so I thought I’d only do 50 squats. Last time I did them I got to 70, but I thought I can’t be bothered, I’ll just do some. But I got to 50 and my legs were only burning. I knew if I stopped, I’d feel cheated, because I would be cheated. So I kept it going. I got to 80. And I could have gone on longer, but I really needed a shower and like I said I was feeling lazy, so I called it quits there. I still feel a little cheated, but I also beat my previous best. Which makes it worse in a way, coz I could have gone maybe to 90, but nevermind.

When people speak of success, they say they “poured my blood, sweat and tears into that!” which is admirable, but I got to thinking about it tonight, blood and tears aren’t important, because other people can make you bleed, and other people can make you cry.

Only YOU can make you sweat.

Also bleeding and crying are easy, sweating has to be earned, it takes work to get a good sweat going on. I used to go to aikido and karate and marvel at how others weren’t sweating, when I was soaking through. I’d reason that they were fitter than me, but I’d never get shown up because my sweat proved I was working harder than them, even if they were doing more, I was past my comfort zone and I was working myself hard. I earned every drop of sweat I put into martial arts. I shed few tears, and bled very little, and the latter two were results of accidents. But I sweated every single class, and I earned that, and I was proud of that.

So whatever you endeavour, make sure you bleed a little and cry a little – these are usually signs of strain and rejection, which are necessities on the way to acceptance and success. But make sure that above all, however much of the latter two you give, make sure you sweat more.

The three greatest gifts are sweat, blood and tears, and the greatest of these is sweat.


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  1. ❤ a good sweat

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