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Get ‘er done

December 27, 2012

This coming year is going to be extremely uncomfortable, I’ve decided, because as one of my heroes, Geoff Thompson once eloquently stated: “There’s no growth in comfort.”

I made a list of goals the year before last that I reviewed a week or two ago, and to my surprise I’d actually accomplished a lot of them. I took up dancing, got my passport, and even used it last month, to go to Amsterdam – something my ex doubted I’d ever do, or be able to (you can imagine how empowering it was to prove her wrong, even though we don’t talk anymore.) I’ll post a full list in a couple of days. Someone remind me.

But there’s a lot of work left to do. Next year I will:

Fly somewhere else (less of a fear now I’ve done it once, but still a big stressor)

Sort out my money

Get a job (huge source of anxiety)

Get a place of my own (via money from the job)

Learn to drive (I hated being on the road when I did it before, but having a license will open up my world for martial arts, dancing, socialising, work, and feeling less trapped in general)

If the training goes to plan, become a facilitator for CHAT and get over my fear of speaking in public (reminding myself I’m not in high school anymore, and even if people laugh at me, it’s not personal – and I’d probably laugh at someone else in my position. Nobody thinks less of me, it’s just a funny thing going on if I get tongue tied or whatever.)

Learn to juggle – this has been on my list for years

Sort out my diet and lose the weight I wanna lose

Sort my diabetes out at long last.

It’s a fairly heavy list, but it’s not really that much stuff to do, as long as I actually get on with it. To quote one of my favourite bloggers, Gretchen Ruben, “the days are long but the years are short.” There’s a surprising amount of time in the day once you get on with things (and prioritise what you do.) I find when I have a list, prioritise the important things, and dive into it, I have loads of time left over afterward, as long as I don’t get sidetracked. So to fit the above list into an entire year, 365.. it’ll get done.

Consistency comes from motivation, and motivation comes from wanting something enough to do it. If you’re not motivated, you don’t want it enough, to oversimplify things ever so slightly.

I also want to start frisbeeing again, and go back to dancing. A gentleman ought know how to dance ^.^


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  1. Consider this your reminder.

    (Second section, last sentence)

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