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I had a dream

December 12, 2012

In karate beginners often start with choku zuki, which is standing still and punching forward with both hands. It’s boring and repetitive and I’ve never seen the point of it.

So last night (this morning, anyway) I had a dream. I don’t remember much, but there are certain details that stand out. Namely, there were two young teenagers, maybe 12 years old, brothers, whose house I was staying in. They had a collection of tarantulas. I am, by the way, SUPREMELY arachnophobic (typing that is a negative affirmation, but it’s my current state, so necessary for the context of this story.) So these kids, with I presume much malice of forethought, brought a couple of spiders down to the living room where I was.

Now this is, in my mind (of course it’s in my mind, it’s a dream!) where it gets interesting. I thought (in the dream) “if they come near me with those, I’ll kill them.” Most people say this, and it’s hyperbole. But this is a dream, and it was a subconscious demand – there’s no real argument in the short term with your subconscious, it takes time to reprogram.

Eventually the two of them somehow managed to pin me down, and sure enough, this pink toed tarantula (google it, the thing looks messed up in a big way) and some other species of big eight legged thing were on my legs, one each. This, you may imagine, caused me some distress. But surprisingly not THAT MUCH distress. And now we get to the point of this post.

When I see a spider, my mind reminds me I’m afraid of them. In the dream, I was dreading them being on me, because…. something. And once they were on my legs, it was only fear that made me fear them. It actually wasn’t that terrible. But I had decided beforehand that I would be afraid of them, and so I was. I also decided beforehand that I would kill the kids, and so I did. I struggled and eventually broke free. The spiders fell off me, and I killed them.

With choku zuki.

Repetition leads to physical muscle memory, and strengthened neuron pathways in the brain, and this is exactly what happened; Even my subconscious called upon my most basic karate when I perceived a physical threat. Also I killed the kids, because my subconscious was told in no uncertain terms it would happen.

A self fulfilling prophecy is something that comes true BECAUSE you said it would (I recently read a story of someone who got told a fortune that he would die in a week. He was so stressed about it his heart packed in and he died.) This is a pretty dramatic demonstration of the effects of affirmation, and why you really need to be careful what you allow in your mind. Even when you’re awake, when the effects are much less immediate, your mind will notice repetition, and those neural pathways will be strengthened. Visualisation can be useful here (you can google for experiments done with visualisation where people improved in basketball by visualisation almost as much as people did for actually practising it!), and perhaps that’s why I wasn’t absolutely panicked in the dream, I do occasionally visualise having a spider on me and being completely comfortable. Earlier in the year I was making coffee and felt a tickle on my elbow, and looked to find a fair sized spider on there, and I didn’t even flinch. I guess I was in a very zen state of mind at the time (which I’ll post about another time in one of my guest posts from a younger me posts.)

So be careful what you wish for, because thoughts are wishes, and wishes do come true if you think about them enough. Cue warped Disney (is there any other kind?) music.


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