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Hell has the sweetest tea

November 22, 2012

I’m not sure who first uttered that phrase, but I like to think I made it up myself. Either way I think it’s catchy and confusing and profound as well as being very true.

I went to the gym today. I’ve missed a good few sessions because I’ve had a pretty rough cold, so I either thought I’d make up for lost time, or my ego checked in and decided I could handle working out at my previous level. Either way I went a bit crazy.

Usually in the gym I don’t take water with me. I sweat a lot, because I’m not very fit, but I only push myself so much. Today was different. For whatever reason I really pushed myself, to the point where I had to use the water fountain two or three times, and that’s where I noticed something interesting: The longer I worked out, the tireder I got, the more I perspired, that water got sweeter. And I don’t just mean it was more satisfying, I mean the taste of it literally changed. It was cold, it felt fresh, it was wet, but it tasted like honey in my mouth.

For a less extreme example, think of those days where you’re on your feet from start to finish, such as the Christmas shopping spree you’re probably dreading. When you get in after it all and you finally sit down with a cup of tea, don’t you feel amazing? Every muscle relaxes, you feel relaxed in places you never knew you had tension, you can somehow breathe deeper than before, your chair becomes a full body hug; it’s bliss. Compare that to a day where all you did was sit around and watch TV, only getting up to get something to eat or go to the bathroom. On those days sitting down is just sitting down. It gets dull, even if you’re comfy, it means nothing.

So if you want the sweetest tea, earn it. You have to know hard to appreciate soft, darkness to appreciate light. The yin yang is based on this, it’s a pretty profound universal truth. To truly enjoy life, we have to know hardship and strife.

I suppose this could be considered a follow on from “It can’t rain all the time”; that one pointed out how even the bad stuff you might be going through will end, but this one is all about how GOOD the good stuff will feel as a result of you going through the bad stuff. Makes it kinda worth it in the end.


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