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Que sera sera, mon derriere!

November 18, 2012

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be. The future’s not ours to see; que sera sera.

Classic choon, that, and one that popped into my head utterly unbidden while making a sandwich the other night. But I took issue with it. Worryingly perhaps, it wasn’t the fact that it made me sing “When I was a little girl” to myself (I think my beard is ample balance to counter such utterances), it’s the powerlessness behind the words.

Don’t get me wrong, the song, I daresay, was never intended to be profound. That said perhaps it was, there are certainly some who go with the flow and let whatever happens happen as it will. But it’s up there with people who say “just my luck” and “I can’t win.” The song is a nice enough tune and I like its sweet melody, but it does make me grind my teeth just a little.

Because while the future is unpredictable, and what will be MAY well be, we needn’t ask anyone else “what will I be?” because only we decide that. That’s the point of this post in case it’s not clear by now; just to remind you in case you’d forgotten or never known, as I’d forgotten until recently when reading a book by one of my heroes, Geoff Thompson (the reason I’m here to preach at you both), that your future, your Destiny if you like, is entirely up to you.

When I was in secondary school my life wasn’t mine, I lived according to the fickle dictates of my peers and the teachers. Everybody, even the teachers, mocked my long hair (this was about a year before long hair became cool) and like an idiot who wanted a quiet life (in truth it wasn’t LIKE, I WAS an idiot who wanted a quiet life!) I cut my hair. Stuff like that. I let others tell me how to feel and how to act, as most teenagers who aren’t bullies do. I had no idea I’d grow up to be in the position I am now. I assumed I’d never survive my teenage years to be a grumpy old fart in his mid-twenties. We did that little plan in careers class, where dyou want to be in ten years time? It was just lip service, nobody told me I could actually get there if I put my head down and worked my peach off to get there.

But now I know better, I do karate every day, I’m watching my diet, and strengthening my mind. One day you’ll find the Mizuyama Shotokan Karate school on Google, and there’ll be a picture of a badass on the main page and some text reminding people that if you want it – REALLY want it – there’s nothing to stop you from doing it, becoming it, achieving it. It won’t be just a karate class, I’ll throw in some philosophy too. Well that’s a touch grandiose.. I mean I’ll encourage my students using this sort of approach, remind them of their worth, as well as teaching them traditional martial arts, and with a bit of luck and courage, how to fight. I don’t worry too much about that side of things though – it’s coming, but it’s a long way off.

That’s a long term goal. I occasionally daydream about it, or ponder on it to help me sleep. Short term, I’m getting back into the basics, re-learning the terminology and kata. I’m doing pretty well with it. By the time I go back, I’ll be back where I was when I left two years ago, only stronger in the mind and with my heart more in it. I like to think with more courage too.

And there ain’t a thing gonna stop me ^.^

Affirmation of the day: I choose to be unstoppable, I’m able to do anything I put my mind and heart to.

Alternative affirmation of the day: I am Batman.

One day it’ll be true xD


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