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If you don’t ask, the answer is always no

November 16, 2012

I’ll give you one thing, insomnia is proving to be quite productive for me and this blog!

So on Wednesday a friend was giving me a lift to a meeting. In the car on the way we were talking about life, and I asked him what he wanted to do with his life. Like me, he said he’d like to be a writer, but he’s afraid that he’ll get writer’s block, or it will be crap and he’ll end up scrapping it and be left with nothing. In a not-so-rare moment of preachiness, I pointed out that if he didn’t sit down and write, he won’t get anything. At least if he writes something, he MIGHT get something great. He hadn’t thought of it that way, and visibly mulled it over for a while.

So, fast forward to our destination: while at the meeting a girl came to offer us coffee, and I was staggered – she was so pretty, the girl next door type; my type. Which is rare for a fussy old sod like me. Through the entire meeting I kept stealing glances (though to say I “stole” them implies I wasn’t noticed, which I was, plenty) at her, but I’ve got so little experience talking to anyone, let alone attractive women, let alone attractive women I’d like to ask out.

As we left I grumbled aloud to myself that I’d bottled out of asking her out. So my friend did what needed to be done: He told me to go back up there and ask her out. He wouldn’t start the car until I’d done so. I couldn’t say no. So after swearing at him for being a sweary word, I pointed at him and barked in that way only friends can get away with without getting a punch in the head, “Alright, I’ll go, but you’d better start writing!”

Going upstairs I laughed at how my good advice earlier was already being used against me in this way. It helped relax me a little.

Well I’ll spare the humiliating details, but it turns out she’s already seeing someone. I wasn’t disheartened, it could have gone the other way, but I was quite sad, and very disappointed. Sometimes when you ask, the answer is no. My friend was sympathetic, when he could have been a pain in the backside, so if you’re reading this mate, thank you, I appreciate that, I was feeling vulnerable and any friendly teasing probably would have stung.

So fast forward a little more to that evening. I checked my email and my friend had emailed me. “I’d appreciate your feedback. This is my first draft.”

Sometimes, the answer is yes.


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  1. SIAN GOULD permalink

    as the saying go’s bute, dnt look at the glass n say its half empty, always say its half full and u will never no an answer, untill u ask 1, better luck next time x

  2. SIAN GOULD permalink

    Oops!! i ment, youl never no the answer, until u ask a question x

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