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It can’t rain all the time

October 6, 2012

Or, “This too will pass.” But The Crow rules.

So first thing’s first, massive sorries to you all, I’ve really neglected this place for the last two weeks. The downside of working on an internet-able PC, especially one with a shortcut bar that has Facebook on it. What can I say?

So this post is nothing overly profound but I thought I’d share it anyway in the interest of keeping the blog active, and I wanted to make a post with this title for a while, so hurray for achieving goals.

It’s no secret that light exposure affects mood, as anyone who suffers Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) knows all too well. The weather here has been extremely unpredictable lately, I’ve had to change from a thick jumper to a coat to a t shirt and back to the jumper a couple of times in the last week. Some would consider this “bad weather,” but I prefer to think of it as “weather.” Sure, I hate mud and walking the dog is a pain in such unpredictable conditions, but it has reminded me of something important:

This too will pass.

(Or as one of the greatest movies ever made put it, “it can’t rain all the time.” I make no apologies if you have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day xD)

This is one of those phrases that come across as quite pithy, it’s so cliché these days that most people don’t really hear it, even those who say it, but it’s actually an important thing to bear in mind.

This came to mind this morning when I took the dog out (a lot of my pondering happens with the dog, as you’ll see in future posts.) I woke up feeling crappy this morning, I have a bit of a cold, and generally just feel not great. But I couldn’t help but smile as I woke up. I forgot to pull the blinds across the window, so I woke up with the sun in my eyes, and I saw that it’s a GORGEOUS day out. I mean, it’s romantic-comedy quality beautiful out there! This after a week of almost solid cloud and rain with only occasional blasts of sun through holes in the cloud, before it goes back to cold and windy and wet.

Nothing stays the same for long. This applies whether you’re currently happy or currently depressed. So you have to learn to embrace every moment of good health and happiness, good company, good food, but at the same time if you’re currently unwell or depressed, it won’t last forever. For better or worse, things will change. It’s one of the few certainties in life: Death, taxes, and change. ‘specially when anything you buy ends with 99p. Yay, puns!

I have another post planned that’s related to this topic that I’d intended to post up first, but my mind doesn’t work like that, so you get this one first. To make up for the lack of updates I may write that one up later today, but I gotta get me some breakfast first and do the washing up (the other place I usually do my pondering, so you may yet get something else again.)

Ah man I just got another idea for a post. I’m the mental health blog equivelant of Dewey Cox over here.

Now go enjoy the gorgeous day 🙂


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