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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single blog post

September 17, 2012

In the beginning, there was fear…
Well that’s not really true. We all start out without fear, but through experience and making mistakes, we learn to fear. Problems arise when that fear becomes more than a speedbump in the road that slows us down so we don’t do something stupid, and becomes a large ramp that could at best wreck our suspension. Sometimes it becomes a wall that stops us dead.

My name is Daniel, I’m twenty-six years old, and without going into my full life story, I have allowed fear to take control. I’ve suffered from depressive illness since I was a teenager, and at some point in my early twenties developed severe anxiety. In short, this blog is about me, and how I claw my way over that wall and land on the other side like a ninja made of sponge.

I would like to say this is to help others who suffer depression – it will include tips, advice, some thoughts and musings – but I’m not that noble; this is for me. By writing this I hope to keep a record of my achievements, my setbacks, what I’ve learned along the way, where I go wrong, and how damn good it feels to get it right. When I’m having a tough time, if I’ve done this right I’ll be able to look back and see patterns and infer some wisdom that will make it easier next time I have to get up.

I tend to swear a lot, but my intention is to make this universally acceptable. If I remember I’ll reread what I post and censor myself where I catch words that might block access to the blog if you read at work, or that might make it unsuitable for younger readers.

So here it goes. Part biography, part fantasy, part self help book, all insight into my mind, how it works, and what I want from it. And more interestingly, what I GET from it. Let’s kick this pig!


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  1. Mike permalink

    Brilliant. I shall be a loyal follower my friend!

  2. Big Al permalink

    Looking forward to future installments

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